Customer and partner satisfaction

Continuous improvement

Premium Credit endeavours to offer customer and partners great service whenever they contact us.

Every caller to our Contact Centres is offered the opportunity to provide feedback, rating their satisfaction on a simple 1 to 5 scale (where 1 is least satisfied and 5 is most satisfied). To support the rating, callers may leave a voice message to give extra detail for the reasons of the rating given.

We analyse the ratings and the verbatim feedback, cross-referencing back to the calls/colleague and review the associated call recordings. From this, we develop our training and coaching, seeking to continuously improve the service we offer.

The questions we ask: 

1. How knowledgeable was our colleague?

2. How accurate and clear was our colleague's response?

3. How helpful and understanding was our colleague?

4. Overall how would you rate your overall experience with our colleague?


Our performance

Our last 3 months performance for questions 4:

Customer and partner satisfaction score table

 (NB - 80% is equivalent to a score of 4 out of 5 in the survey)